Due to Covid-19, in order to ensure safety and health in our community and in the world at large, Synagogues across the globe have had to temporarily suspend services and programs. Unfortunately, this means we will not be having our Annual Community Seder or Passover Services. Due to this, many people within our community will be left without a Seder and Passover experience.  Thus, It is our duty and privilege to allow each Jew this opportunity by providing them with the tools to host their own Seder. To do this, we need YOUR help. Chabad of South Huntington Beach will be launching the “Seder in a Box” program. We will provide the necessary Matzah, wine and Seder Plate items to those who will not be able to shop and/or create their own Seder.  Aside from these essential items, we will provide a classic Jewish Seder meal.  We want to ensure that despite the abnormal circumstances we find ourselves in this year, and despite the “6 feet apart” mantra which we are instructed to follow, in our hearts, each of us are connected.  We must do everything we can to help out one another during these difficult times. The cost of one box is $50.  Please give whatever you can to help another Jew celebrate the holiday of our Freedom from enslavement in Egypt.  And may the unity and love we are showing for all mankind lead to our freedom today, as we all know we need it.   If you need a Seder in a Box, or know someone who would benefit from one, or have any questions please contact Leah Berkowitz at (714)585-5076.